Swamp Ward Window Project

Established in  in 2001 by Jocelyn Purdie, the Swamp Ward Window Project, which is located in, on, and around the front porch windows at 448 Bagot St., is a venue for contemporary art in a residential north end neighbourhood in Kingston, Ontario. It offers an alternative platform for artists to present site-inspired installations. 

The Swamp Ward moniker comes from the nickname for the neighbourhood that is bound by Russell St., Division St., Queen St. and the Cataraqui River in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The inaugural exhibition was in July 2001 and since that time there have been over 20 exhibitions by local and extra regional artists. All exhibitions are visible from the street and run for approximately two months. Submissions are taken on an ongoing basis.

The SWW Project was created to provide artists with an opportunity to bring contemporary art into the public spaces of our communities and neighbourhoods where people can engage with it in their day-to-day lives.

Artists Projects

Jan Allen

May Chan

Ann Clarke

Michael Davidge

Sarindar Dhaliwal

Ben Darrah

Julie Fiala and York Lethbridge

Dave Gordon

Doreen Inglis

Craig Leonard

Mark Prier

Jocelyn Purdie

Jan Allen and Jocelyn Purdie

Anne Ramsden

Ted Rettig

Kathleen Ritter

Matt Rogalsky

Kathleen Sellars

Katie Strang

Lisa Visser

Proposals and Guidelines