Michael Davidge


01 December 2007 – 30 January 2008

Bells was a multi-media installation that addressed a desire to recreate the sensation of an experience of time when it is out of joint.  Bells ran nightly between 7pm and 9pm, as regular as clockwork and local theatres, but with an irregular rhythm.  Like most of Davidge’s work, Bells is highly allusive in nature at the same time that it is extremely evasive.  Recognizable Pop cultural readymades are combined in a montage that borders on the cinematic in the privacy of a residential home to which the viewer has little access, but little else to see.  Bells is also meant to be an homage to Albert Ayler, whose music can be heard between the spaces of the tolling pulse that affords interpretation and improvisation.  As Martin Luther wrote: “Spirit means/ that it is active/ and not a dead image/ but that it has its rights and offices in its womb.”

Michael Davidge was the Artistic Director at Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre from 2007-2012.  He was also a resident and a member of the Artel, an artist residence and multi-use arts venue in downtown Kingston. Davidge’s installation and video work has been exhibited in various venues in Canada. Davidge currently lives in Ottawa.

For up to date information visit: http://michaeldavidge.blogspot.com/