Mark Prier

NOMADSLAND consulate

Open for service on the afternoon of Sept 13, 2007

As a part of the exhibition STATE GREETINGS, which took place taking from 22 August – 29 Sept 29, 2007 at Modern Fuel ARC, artist Mark Prier temporarily installed the Nomadsland passport office & consulate (in the form of a tent and flagpole with chipboard office sign) for the Swamp Ward Window Project on September 13, 2007. Here, Nomadsland consul ‘Alex’ welcomed new citizens to the state and issue passports. Central to this project is the use of a passport as the key to understanding utopian citizenry and non-conformity.

On September 13th, Mark Prier, the delegate of the border-less, land-less NOMADSLAND state, welcomed all new citizens. To become a citizen of Nomadsland, one had to take part in the official embrace (a hug), and repeating of the Oath: Everything is going to be OK.

From the welcoming address on the Nomadsland website []

we learn that “Nomads must be willing to think globally and act locally.” Enabling a network not bound by immaterial borders or boundaries, Nomadsland is made strong by a group of individuals acting within local towns, cities and villages, the actions of many made possible by the simple actions of one.

Nomadsland was founded on May 11, 2003 by ‘Alex’, who wrote the necessary founding documents to present a basic Charter, acknowledging that this Charter did not simply drop from the sky. Alex recognized the charter as a work in the making, part of an intellectual continuum of ideas. It was seen by Alex as an Independent State of Mind, ever-changing within the contemporary context and striving to be an accurate reflection of its citizenship. It has no enclosed land to call its own, and, in order to reflect its form as a network, never will.

This project was presented in partnership with Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre and curated by Gjen Snider (Kingston, Ontario)

Artist Biography

Mark Prier’s eclectic practice ranges from installation and performance to audio art and electronic music, often exploring themes of mapping, wilderness, and survival. He has presented exhibitions and performances across the country and internationally.  Prier is based in Corner Brook, and has established his base there to continue to create work.   For more information visit: