Lisa Visser

Confessions …..

23 October – 23 December, 2006

Confessions was a sound installation that explored how art, as part of the everyday, blurs the boundaries between the sacred and the profane.  By subtly infiltrating the aural environment of the street with the secrets of strangers Visser revealed the personal utterances of everyday lives that shape identity. It developed out of the artist’s personal struggle to find a sense of self – to locate herself within a place and space where everyday encounters create meaning.  By layering personal confessions from her personal archive with anonymous contributions Visser created a soundscape that made private lives, public.

At the time this piece was made,  Lisa Visser was an emerging artist in Kingston.  She was a graduate of the Fine Arts program at Queen’s University and a member of the Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre Board of Directors as well as one of the founding members of the Artel, an artist residence and multi-use arts venue in downtown Kingston. She exhibited in many exhibitions including the Union Gallery, the Modern Fuel and the Artel and in an outdoor public art project of the Union Gallery entitled Out of Site, art negotiating neglected spaces in March 2006. She went on to complete a MA degree at OCADU in 2011 .     Sadly, Lisa passed away in 2012.

Soundscape coming soon