Kathleen Sellars


2 July  – 15 August, 2003

Point  was a sculpture installation in the front garden of the Swamp Ward Window. Like many of Sellars’ works it utilized multiple body casts that appear immediately familiar and intuitively disturbing. Humorous and oddly compelling, this work explores notions of sign in terms of gender, language and site.



19 September – 19 October, 2007

Intruder infuses the Swamp Ward Window with an ominous-looking organic form that inflates and deflates throughout the course of the day. Intruder uses the home as a metaphor for the body, a space where the intimate details of everyday lives play out, sometimes mundane and manageable, sometimes out of control. Using the scale of the home to emphasize the often ineffectual ability to control our bodies over the ravages of disease and its larger-than-life impact on private and public lives, intruder resembles a cell out of control or a mine – about to explode.


Inside, I am overwhelmed with possible outcomes

Inside, I worry about exposing myself

Inside, I am afraid of loosing control, of spilling out


Outside, I look in

I look in and wonder

I look in and think I know

I look in and feel concerned

…but then I remember, I do not want to get involved


Kathleen Sellars is an artist and art educator. Her artwork explores issues of gender and genetic technologies through sculptural objects, performance, interactive installation and new media. She has exhibited widely in Canada, and internationally, and currently teaches sculpture at Queen’s University.