Craig Leonard


01 September – 01 November, 2002


What is a sign?

A sign is a meaningful expression of information, yet meaningful only insofar as it is culturally recognizable: what is common-place in one culture, may be unknown to another —”insignificant”¼¼

Signs denoting the same information can be verbal, non-verbal, or both.  The first could be a notice that states “No Trespassing”, the second, a closed gate; the third, a combination of the two.

While retaining “significance” by the content within —- i.e. the list of related idioms —-this work intends to unsettle the common verbal and non-verbal elements of a sign that we know to be as familiar as, well, the house next door.

At the time of this installation, Craig Leonard was a Kingston-based artist whose public interventions had been seen in public spaces throughout Kingston.

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