Anne Ramsden


10 December 2001 – 23 February, 2002

WINTER GARDEN was an artwork made to be experienced over time by people who lived and walked about in this neighborhood, through sunshine, darkness, snowfall, wind, ice and rain. It is a double-sided work, looking backwards to summer and forwards to spring. It relies on seduction and surprise to capture the viewer’s imagination and release associations with its materiality, form and placement.

The flowers used were recycled from a work entitled GARDEN that  artist made in the summer of 2001 at the Murney Tower in Kingston.  In that work the artificiality of the flowers was obscured by the way they were planted in the ditch so as to blend in with already-exisiting vegetation.  In WINTER GARDEN, artificiality is on display, even celebrated. 

The artist thanks Jocelyn Purdie, Julie Fiala, York Lethbridge and Jan Allen for their participation in this project.

Anne Ramsden is a video and multidisciplinary artist. She also taught at the Université du Québec à Montréal until 2017.  Her work has been presented extensively in solo and group exhibitions exhibitions across Canada.  In addition, she was co-founder and co-director of the documentation centre Artexte in Montreal from 1980-87 and Associate Editor of Parachute Magazine from 1980-82.  She is represented by the Catriona Jeffries Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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